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Las Vegas Bankruptcy Filing

Why A No Money Down Bankruptcy Is Not A Cheap Bankruptcy In Las Vegas, Nevada

Many people looking to file for bankruptcy in Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada start by searching for the cheapest option available. For most, it will not be long before they come across an advertisement for a “no money down” or “$0 dollars down” bankruptcy option.  At Fair Fee Legal Services, we do not offer the same option and here is why.


Fair Fee Legal Services offers a flat fee of $799.00 providing the fairest bankruptcy fee in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.  Other law firms in Nevada offer a zero down or no money down bankruptcy fee, but, in reality, clients that go with this “deal” end up paying way more than if they had just worked with our team at Fair Fee Legal Services. Most of these other firms will charge you no money down, but instead will have you make payments every month that, at first, seem reasonably fair and manageable. If you take time to add it up – paying $200 a month for 12 months results in a total bankruptcy cost over $2000.  Other firms pull you in with the appeal of no money down, but in reality you end up paying over $2000 for the exact same bankruptcy service you could have gotten from Fair Fee Legal Services for just $799.00.


At Fair Fee Legal Services, we do not file your bankruptcy until all of your fee has been paid, but we will help you with any situations you are experiencing until you are able to pay the full fee.  We want you to get your bankruptcy done successfully, but we don’t want to burden you with the extra debt and payments you are working to avoid by filing for bankruptcy in the first place.


Some clients come to us who have just been sued by a creditor and they want to file bankruptcy right away, but it could take them a couple paychecks to get all the money they need to file the bankruptcy.  We can help that client organize a plan based upon the time frame they have before a creditor could start garnishing their wages to file their bankruptcy.  We can show the client how they could easily file a pro se answer with the court to stop the creditor for getting an immediate default judgement against them.  It is a simple process and for a lot less money than a “zero down” “no money down” bankruptcy. They can save their paycheck from garnishment, make bankruptcy payments for the next year, and most of all save an extra $1,000. We are sure they would rather have that $1,000 for themselves, than to give it over to a bankruptcy law firm that would provide them the same bankruptcy Fair Fee Legal Services would provide them.


It is always good advice to add up the total cost of what your bankruptcy will cost you, because adding up all those small monthly payments that resulted from a “no money down” bankruptcy can equal a very large total amount.  At Fair Fee Legal Services, we do not financially abuse our clients this way, which is why we have the fairest fee in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.


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